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Holy crap, there's a Going Postal movie??

CarnieVorex responds:

Yeah, it consists of 2 parts and is good enough, except that I'm not happy with their golems that all look the same, as if they're made in a factory :D

I love the piece, especially the style, but I feel that the nose is a little bit too red and the highligths in the left portion of the hair is a bit too bright. Other than that, lovely job!

What can I say, I just love the simplicity of this.

I love the contrast of the sky versus the solid city, the only error I see in this is that I think the water's horizon is a bit too choppy. But that might just be me, nice job!

Van-pl responds:

Yeah, I could have done the horizon line more straight. I'm glad you liked it :)

I love the strokes and colors and just general style of this, as well as the ideas. Only thing is, the perspective of the llama one is slightly confusing. But that might just be me. Nice job!

sucho responds:

i probably should have stuck with the same perspective for all of them

I think this is fantastic, I love the composition and especially the pixel chunks. However, I think it would have been better if you had left the perimeter unblurred, the darkening of it already focuses you on the center and I feel the blurriness detracts a bit. But it's only a little bit, so five stars nonetheless!

Dude, this is awesome, I love your style! The way this piece looks and just what's in it is so great.
There are only a couple minor mistakes. His hand looks a bit awkward/the orange is spilling out the tiniest bit there, and also the pigeon's tail is slightly orange. But the last two were just me searching for things that were wrong because there's so much right with it!

I'm loving the mountains, especially with the contrast between background and foreground, and also just the piece in general. The style of color and strokes is very nice.
Critiques now: it looks like he's in a fenced off closing. Maybe if the left fence curved out a bit more, and you defined the road ahead a bit more. It's a bit hard to see at first.
Also,a couple of the brush strokes are a bit too large and noticeable on the middle mountain. Just more, smaller strokes would have helped with the subtlety there.
All in all, great job!

WiZBiN-Yoshi-1 responds:

haha , now that you told me about he fence I cant stop looking at it, Im happy you enjoyed the piece tho. Thanks DevoutAtheist !

Love it, but it feels a bit incomplete with the cutoff at his collarbone. Really my only criticism though, and I think the hair turned out really well.

All kinds of awesome! Love the artwork and idea, but I feel the red's a bit too vivid for the work.

I have just one thing to say. I am completely and totally humble. There. Just wanted to get it out there.

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